Artists and Animals #107

David Gilmour

Welcome to Show Business! #61

Charlie Watts

Unknown Model, Unknown Year #10

When Legends Gather #780

Groucho Marx and Marlene Dietrich

Marilyn in Action #79

Marilyn clasps

The Art of Cinema #548

King Creole
(Michael Curtiz; 1958)

In the Studio #124

Buddy Holly

How to Read... with Richard Avedon! #13

Ricky Jay

American History on Repeat #1

Public response to the Boston bombings has mainly consisted of ersatz compassion for victims -- and a far more honest cry for vengeance against a nineteen-year-old immigrant ("They'll get him, alright!"). Needless to say, scapegoating immigrants is an old American tradition. Take the infamous 1886 Haymarket Affair, which left eight innocent German-born workers awaiting the gallows... They were finally murdered by the state, thanks to the very same social pathology we're seeing now -- a cowed population cheering on the police to heighten already insane levels of surveillance and oppression. Meanwhile, it's quite obvious to anyone with a particle of common sense (and, more importantly, the guts to use it) the FBI bombed Boston. Unfortunately, however, most of us are wicked retahded.

The Art of the Gig #52

Television's first show March 2, 1974.

The Best of... Huh? #20

Bezark #37

M is for Myrna #1

Myrna Loy

Specters of the Spectrum #1

Alexey Titarenko

Memento Mori #1

Art of the Gig #51

Ruptures in History #1

The sudden, craven abandonment of Bradley Manning by SF Gay Pride organizers spells trouble for anyone and everyone involved in the struggle to stave off a creeping authoritarianism in the US -- if counter-culture has embraced banking, the military and corporate sponsorship (as it manifestly has in this case), then, ladies and gents, we are fucked. The Occpy movement was, and is, a nifty alternative to death. Let's keep fighting back by creating our own sources of information, our own forums for democratic discussion... no sponsors!! To quote a bedraggled Anarchist from the not-so-distant past: "A revolutionary is on furlough from the grave."

They Were Collaborators #813

Henry Rollins and H.R.

Vaudevillians #18

George M. Cohan

The Art of Adolescence #11

Norman Rockwell Saved from Drowning #49

The Graduate (1959)

And Then It Was Ephemera #62

Men of the West #46

Kenne Duncan

Welcome to Show Business! #60

Ringo plays the accordion (1949)

Behind the Scenes #31

Little Richard (1956)

In the Studio #123

Frankie Valli (1966)

The Anarchist Ad-Man #1

For people who still cannot see the FBI bombed Boston...

George Jones dies at 81
The Cool Hall of Fame #258

George Jones

Well I've come here to tell you folks I'm ragged but I'm right
I'm a tramp and a gambler I stay out late at night
But a porterhouse steak steak three times a day for my board
That's more than any loafer in this old town can afford
Well I got a big electric fan to keep me cool while I sleep
A little baby boy playin' round at my feet
I'm a rambler and a gambler and I've lead a dirty life
Well I tell you folks I'm ragged but I'm right

Well then I got married I knew I'd settle down
And I built a little love nest right here in my hometown
Now I've got a family one that I'm proud of
I know that I'll be happy cause they're the ones I love
Well I got a big electric fan...
I tell you folks I'm ragged but I'm right

I'm a rambler and a gambler I've led a dirty life
Well I tell you folks I'm ragged but I'm right

You can read the New York Times obit if you want, I'm just gonna pour a couple of fingers of rye and stare out the window. Relief is just a swallow away.

They Were an Item #160

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston

The Friends of Flagg #26

Heroes of Hollywood
"Some Funny Faces, drawn for Vanity Fair in a fairly malicious mood. Clockwise: The Gangster, Edward G. Robinson; The Shiek, George Raft; The Crooner, Rudy Vallee; The Dancer, Fred Astaire; The Sophisticate, William Powell; The He-man, Clark Gable; The Sap, Charles Butterworth"

They Went And Made A Book Out Of It #8

Phantom of the Paradise

Ben Shahn's American Life #33

from Ounce Dice Trice
(by Alastair Reid; 1958)

The Executive Class #8

Irving Thalberg

They Were Collaborators #812

Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers, Buster Keaton and Jack Gilford

How to Read... with Richard Avedon! #12

Noel Coward

No Sleep Till Brooklyn #5
Twilight of the Dreamboats #69

Original Caption:

Brooklyn -- Ralph Sicuranza (pointing) is shown talking to police after his truck was wrecked on Brooklyn's President St. today. The truck wasn't the only thing. After it went out of control through brake failure, the vehicle hit Nos. 629, 631, 633, and 627 before coming to a final stop at the last number. (1954)