The Art of the Opening Credit #3

Seconds (1966) directed by John Frankenheimer - Saul Bass title sequence, OST Jerry Goldsmith
The titles were designed by Saul Bass and shot entirely with reflective mylar.

They Were Collaborators #705

James Fox and Mick Jagger

The Art of Cinema #481

The Mask (aka Eyes of Hell, Julian Roffman, 1961)

The Golden Age of the Anti-Masterpiece #3

Tabonga the Walking Tree gives a wooden performance in From Hell It Came (Dan Milner, 1957)

The Art of the Opening Credit #2

Crime Without Passion (Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, 1934), montage designed by Slavko Vorkapich

The Art of the Opening Credit #1

99 44/100% Dead (John Frankenheimer, 1974); titles by Phill Norman, music by Henry Mancini

Mop Tops in Action #49

Paul McCartney fiddles around with an ancestor of the keytar, The Tubon, backstage at a gig in Germany.

For the curious, here's a clip of the Swedish-built instrument in action, used by Scandinavian musical comedy act Hasse & Tage, on the song What the Hell Are They Doing in the Bank After Three O'Clock?

Artists and Animals #83

Harold Lloyd gets in a clinch with a great dane.

The Friends of Flagg #5

Woodrow Wilson

"Colonel House got me a seat in a theatre, from which I could make this caricature of Wilson, which I labelled 'teacher'. I got outraged letters from devotees of the President. One in Texas called me a murderer!"

The Golden Age of the Anti-Masterpiece #2

Mimsy Farmer freaks out on acid (or over that populuxe décor) in Riot on Sunset Strip (Arthur Dreifuss, 1967)

A Kovacs Moment #7

To celebrate Ernie Kovacs' 93rd birthday today, here's a rare example of his unique brand of absurdity appearing on the big screen in the trailer for Richard Quine's 1957 service comedy Operation Mad Ball.

Artists in Action #645

James Joyce jams to Johannes Jeep in 1915.

American Logo #4

The Golden Age of the Anti-Masterpiece #1

They Saved Hitler’s Brain (David Bradley, 1963/68)

Mop Tops in Action #48

George and wife Pattie (aka ‘Layla’) tripping in the Haight-Ashbury in 1967

Adventures in American Filmmaking #148

Julie Adams watches Budd Boetticher direct a punch at a stuntman while filming The Man from the Alamo (1953).

When Legends Gather #636
Jokers, Smokers and Midnight Tokers #5

Keith Richards and Levon Helm (photo by Jim Herrington)

Marilyn in Action #57

Marilyn snaps.

The Art of Songwriting #24

The Kodak Girl
(Music & lyrics: William T. Cramer)
(Averill Publishing Co.; 1902)

People Who Died #50

George Eastman

The Art of Cinema #479

The Trials of Alger Hiss (John Lowenthal, 1979)

Elisha Cook Jr. Gets the Shaft Again #2

Fed to the lions by Michael Gough in Black Zoo
(Robert Gordon; 1963)

Faces of Science #41

Glenn T. Seaborg
Original Caption:
Prof. Seaborg, co-discoverer of plutonium, shows a container that holds samples of the radioactive, artificially produced elements 94 through 102.

This Sporting Life #34

Original Caption:

June 20, 1963. Pretty As A Pitcher. A figure familiar to basketball fans, Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain, stoops to conquer as he prepares to display his skill on the baseball diamond. The pitcher, whose long, lovely legs frame the hoop star, is Carol Hodecker. The cute blonde catcher is Charlotte Kirsten, who came to the U. S., from West Berlin six years ago. Both gals are "Bunnies" (hostesses) from the Playboy Club. Wilt met them as they were warming up in a Central Park field for a game with show girls from a Broadway musical in the Broadway Show League series. Wilt never had such glamorous opponents on the basketball court! He now plays with the San Francisco Warriors.

Artists in Action #644

Cameron Diaz prepares to suds up on a Saturday afternoon.

Elisha Cook Jr. Gets the Shaft Again #1

Wrongly convicted of murder in Stranger On The Third Floor
(Boris Ingster; 1940)

Too Big to Fail #3

Eastman Kodak Co., 1892-2012

Adventures in the National Pastime #14

Twenty-six-year-old Eddie Gaedel at bat (for the first and only time) for the St. Louis Browns on August 19, 1951. A dwarf/little person standing 3’ 7”, he wore the number “⅛” on his jersey.

Son of a Preacherman #6

Woodrow Wilson, President of Princeton University and later President of the United States of America

Artists and Animals #82

Barbara Stanwyck, astride one lucky horsey, near her home in Hollywood in 1938.

When Legends Gather #635
Jokers, Smokers and Midnight Tokers #4

Rick Danko and Janis Joplin

The Art of the Cinema #478


In his autobiography, Luis Buñuel singled out the obscure Polish film, Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie (The Saragossa Manuscript, 1965) as a personal favorite, one of the few pictures he saw more than once (three times, in fact). It was an adaptation of a novel by Polish author Jan Potocki, who left behind the incomplete work upon his suicide in 1815. Directed by Wojciech Has, the 182-minute epic surrealist film was severely edited (up to an hour) and fell out of circulation for decades. An uncut print eventually surfaced in 1999, thanks to Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola, who were following the lead of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, the initial instigator and partial financier of its restoration. (The musician died in 1995, before he could see his favorite movie back in its original condition.) For assistance in solving some of The Saragossa Manuscript’s mysteries, go here.

Seminal Image #1028

The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (Luis Buñuel, 1955)

When Legends Gather #634

Judy Garland, Carol Burnett and Danny Kaye meet Mr. President.

Son of a Preacherman #5

Stan Freberg
(Taken on the set of a futuristic Freberg spot featuring friend Ray Bradbury.)

Unwanted Image #17

Tom Wright painting from an unproduced segment of Night Gallery, possibly "Daughter of Darkness."

The Art of Cinema #477
Great Canadians of the 20th Century #18

This 1978 concert film (to date the only picture shot in Rust-O-Vision™) was directed by the legendary Bernard Shakey.

The Fair: Welcome to Century 21 #8

The U.S. Science Building, at night.

The Lunatic Fringe #7
Self Portrait #19

To celebrate Friday the 13th, not so fringe Aleister Crowley, self-portrait.

The Gunslinger Guide to Karel Zeman #2

from Baron Prášil (Baron Munchausen), 1961

Selling the Silents #25

(Victor Flemming; 1926)

The Friends of Flagg #4

Anna Pavlova

" 'It' girl from the days when ballet was merely an interlude in an opera to give people — especially the sopranos — a chance to catch their breath. I can't imagine today's cult of ballet fans wanting to sit through a whole evening of it!"

Community Auditions #2

The spirit of Elliott Smith is alive and . . . uhhhh . . . as well as can be expected in a song that appears to be the singer's own, pretty damned good composition.