Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #36

Carol Burnett and Garry Moore prepare for another hour of variety on The Garry Moore Show.

Politicians in Action #60

Ronald Reagan, apparently unaware that the Victory sign held up, palm in, means something completely different, sends a rather unintended message to the audience at the Citizens for Reagan rally in 1968.

Artists in Action #638

A quite different family, the lovely Jane Birkin with children Charlotte and Kate.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Women and Children #4

Impoverished Liverpool family, 1957.

This Sporting Life #31

A nation the press turns its lonely eyes to Joe. DiMaggio, that is.

Dreamland Destinations #2

Rick's Café Americain (Casablanca, d. Michael Curtiz, 1942)

Faces of Science #40

Zoologist Dian Fossey.

Dreamland Destinations #1

Lumberton (Blue Velvet, d. David Lynch, 1986)

A Who's Who of the Jazz Age #5

George Gershwin

The First Person You See #5

Addie Loggins (Tatum O'Neal), Paper Moon (d. Peter Bogdanovich, 1973)

Artists in Action #637

Mr. Zappa makes a statement. Something about Warner Brothers and sucking. This should in no way be construed as an implicit endorsement of the Straight or Bizarre record labels. Or should it?

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #115

Tricky smells something. Something fishy.

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #35

Host Bud Collyer brings laughter and smiles to the faces of panelists Polly Bergen, Ralph Bellamy and Kitty Carlisle while Hy Gardner remains only mildly amused.

The Future is Now #40

Original caption:

Space Pilots. Minneapolis, Minnesota: A small boy's dream of piloting a rocket ship through outer space came as nearly true as modern science could make it for plastic-helmeted Johnny Bower (left), and Neil Smith, both seven years old. The youngsters got their big break when Minneapolis-Honeywell's Aeronautical company invited them, among other young sons of technical employees to visit the plant and see what their dads were doing. "Pilots" Bower and Smith are manipulating special computing equipment developed to duplicate characteristics of supersonic craft and the flight conditions they might be expected to encounter.

The Fair: Building a Better Tomorrow #8

The National Cash Register Pavilion. Although it's not very visible in either picture (though a little more in the second), the register's numbers at the top kept a running tally of visitors to the Fair.

Treading the Boards #38

Viveca Lindfors and Bob Fosse in the 1963 revival of Pal Joey.

Art of the Stage #13

Pal Joey
(1963 revival, City Center)

The Fair: Welcome to Century 21 #7

A little girl listens in on The Hearing Exhibition at the Seattle World's Fair.

The Lunatic Fringe #5

Newmarket Liz could see all and used her amazing gift to pick winners at the track. Makes sense.

Politicians in Action #59

Ike lines up the birdie.

The First Person You See #4

1964 Olympic Marathon champion Abebe Bikila, Marathon Man (d. John Schlesinger, 1976)

Marilyn in Action #54
They Were Collaborators #696

Marilyn divides her attention between John Huston and Arthur Miller on the set of The Misfits.

Annals of War #4

Scouting enemy positions over the Naktong, 1950.

The Frame Within The Frame #37

Harry in Your Pocket
(Bruce Geller; 1973)

The Gunslinger Guide to Julie Christie #37


Treading the Boards #37

Ivy Tresmand and Stanley Holloway in the original London production of Hit the Deck, 1927. Unknown actor in background.

A Who's Who of the Jazz Age #4

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

Adventures in European Filmmaking #49

On the set of The Passenger, Maria Schneider stares ahead and Jack Nicholson hangs his head low, humming one of the five easy pieces for piano he knows, while Michelangelo Antonioni gives the two direction down to the last detail. Jack asks Maria, "What'd he just say?" She responds, "Drive, he said."

The First Person You See #3

Lumberton's friendliest fireman, Blue Velvet (d. David Lynch, 1986)

Artists in Action #636

James Taylor, 1969, at home, singing out a song which is soft but it's clear
as if maybe someone could hear.

The Gunslinger Guide to Natalie Wood #20


Great Moments in Marketing #38

Raquel Welch endorses Wate-On (1965)

Artifacts #24

Steve McQueen's International Motorcycle License

Annals of Public Performance #37

Burl Ives entertains the hell out of some patrons at the Thomas a Becket pub on the Old Kent Road in London, 1952.

Heroes of American Literature #21

Kurt Vonnegut

The Future is Now #39

At a fashion event in November 1952, the inflatable bra comes to France. French TV celebrity Jacques Angelvin demonstrates the proper method for inflating it.

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #34

Original Caption:

5/15/1954 - Hollywood, CA - Picture shows actress, Maila Nurmi as, "Vampira", the most terrifying television queen in Hollywood with long purple fingernails, a stringy black wig and four bloody scratches just above her plunging neckline admits she is only a plain little knockout of a girl underneath the weird get-up. This lapland beauty hosts a nightime horror TV show.

Marilyn in Action #53

Marilyn unwraps

The Were an Item #122

Judy Geeson and George Peppard

Visionary Film #34

Odds Against Tomorrow
(Robert Wise; 1959)

Artists and Animals #78

Susan Cabot and a litter of cute kittens.

Before the Age of Multiplexes #20

The Cameo Moulin, London.

The First Person You See #2

Bonasera (Salvatore Corsitto), The Godfather (d. Francis Ford Coppola, 1972)

Faces of Science #39

Scientist, spy Klaus Fuchs.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Women and Children #2

Stone Coal Hollow, West Virginia, 1964.