Artists in Action #547

Marcel DuChamp, checkmate.

Before the Age of Multiplexes #10

The Ivar, Hollywood. I hear the ticket taker's smile is pretty damn cold.

The Gunslinger Guide to Sophia Loren #5


The Frame Within the Frame #1

The White Bus
(Lindsay Anderson; 1967)

Sex Education #144

Ornella Muti

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #91

Tricky is ignored on the left, ogled on the right, and wildly embraced by a center that cannot hold him (1968)

The Art of Pop #55

Infinity in Sound, vol. 1
(RCA-Victor records; 1960)

When Legends Gather #565

Boris Karloff and Forrest J. Ackerman

Guest Contributor Friday #1: Round Two

Artists in Action #546

In an undated photograph, Lenny Bruce, one of the greatest humorists of the twentieth century, is hauled off the stage like a common criminal. God bless America.

Guest Contributor: Tom Degan of The Rant

Jack Delano's Trains #5

Night view of part of Santa Fe Railroad yard
(Kansas City, Kansas; March, 1943)

Guest Contributor: Abraham Hyatt

They Were Collaborators #608

Hank Williams and The Drifting Cowboys

Guest Contributor: Professor Batty of Flippism is the Key

They Were an Item #94
When Legends Gather #564

Richard Dawson, Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider

Guest Contributor: Michael of chained and perfumed

Seminal Image #979

Det sjunde inseglet
(The Seventh Seal)
(Ingmar Bergman; 1957)

Guest Contributor: Eric Brenner

Guest Contributor Friday #1: Round One

They Were an Item #93

Yves Montand and Edith Piaf

Guest Contributor: Jeff Duncanson of filmscreed

Soul Stirrers #18

Bobby Womack

Guest Contributor: Joe Carter

Artists and Animals #40

Elizabeth Taylor gets messy with a friend

Guest Contributor: Julie Sesnovich

When Legends Gather #563

Jerry Lewis and Josephine Baker

Guest Contributor: Anonymous

Artists in Action #545

Marlon Brando provides a creature safe conduct across his chrome-dome.

Guest Contributor: Mademoiselle Samantha Halfon of World Wide Angle

Politicians in Action #43

JFK tosses the coin for the boys on the field.

The Future is Now #11

Women + Tin Foil Hats + Background Rockets = Future.

Faces of Science #15

Robert Wilson

Before the Age of Multiplexes #9

The Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA.

Artists and Animals #39

Jayne Mansfield serenades her dogs

The Art of Post War American Chic #4

Discreet ad for Modess feminine hygiene products (1950)

They Were an Item #92

Elliot Gould and Barbara Streisand

Mop Tops in Action #24

The Mop Tops see a Shrink

The Art of the Girlie Mag #16

(vol. 4, #3; October, 1962)

In the Studio #39

Sandra Dee

The Art of the WPA #24

Artists in Action #544

Frankie Howerd puckers

The Art of Cinema #422

The Blackbird
(Tod Browning; 1926)

Men of the West #40

Mario Girotti (aka, Terence Hill)

The Art of Jazz #106

(Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto; feat. Antonio Carlos Jobim)
(Verve Records; 1964)

When Legends Gather #562

Sam Cooke, Tammi Terrell and Betty Harris

The Art of the Panel: EC #17

from The Vamp!
(by Johnny Craig, Jack Davis and Marie Severin)
(The Haunt of Fear #10; Nov-Dec, 1951)

The Golden Age of Publicity #29

Irene Dunne pulls Cary Grant's hair in a publicity still for The Awful Truth. Either that or she's checking for nits.

They Were an Item #91

They weren't an item,
They were an item,
They weren't an item...

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

Art of the WPA #23


Politicians in Action #43

Bill Clinton asks, "You want a piece of me?"

The Heretofore Unmentioned #96

Sir Freddie Laker

Adventures in the Fight Racket #35

Today's Adventure

Original Caption:

Rocky Won't Put That Crown on the Shelf.

New York -- Rocky Marciano, sporting a left eye shiner as a memento of his victorious ring encounter last night with Archie Moore, is shown with his manager Al Weill during a press conference today. Marciano said he has "no thought in my mind to retire right now," although his family and a few personal friends want him to. Weill said Rocky will not defend his title again before next June, and mentioned as possible opponents Hurricane Jackson, Bob Baker, Nino Valdes and Floyd Patterson. (1955)

Seminal Image #978

The Criminal
(Joseph Losey; 1960)

They Were Collaborators #607

Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin

The Gunslinger Guide to Julie Christie #15