The City: Miami #7

Original Caption:

Feels Sure

Miami -- Teamsters Union Vice President James R. Hoffa, seeking election as president during the organization's convention here, autographs a placard October 1st for one of a group of women campaigning for him outside the convention hall. (1957)

Seminal Image #904

Springfield Rifle
(André De Toth; 1952)

The Art of Pop #30

Calendar Girl
(Julie London)
(Liberty Records; 1956)

Marilyn in Action #16

Marilyn clings

In the Studio #13

Sophie Tucker

The Golden Age of Publicity #21

Robert Mitchum struggles with man's dual nature in this publicity still for the United Artists release, The Night of the Hunter (1955)

Nuns Gone Wild! #9

Original Caption:

Pittsburgh -- Sister Mary Ellen bites her lip as she makes her first try at bowling. The sister's form looked good even though she whispers that the ball went down the gutter to Sister Damian, right. Some sixty nuns of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity bowled for several hours as guests of a bowling alley in Pittsburgh's North Hills. (1961)

When Legends Gather #497

Danny Kaye and Richard Attenborough

The Art of the Girlie Mag #5

(vol. 02, #5; September, 1956)

Annals of Crime #59

Original Caption:

Las Vegas -- Richard E. Hickock, 28, Kansas State parolee, collapses in the hall of the city jail seconds after police said he admitted to the quadruple shotgun murder of the Herbert W. Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, along with suspect Perry E. Smith, 31, both of whom were arrested by Las Vegas police on bad check charges. Holding Hickock are Detective B.J. Handlon and Clarence C. Duntz, of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. (1960)

John Updike Dead at 76

John Updike, the kind of all-consuming literary polymath for whom the term Man of Letters seems to have been devised, has passed from this mortal sphere today, a victim of lung cancer at the age of 76.

Here is the usual passel of Obits:

The Boston Globe

The Washington Post

The Telegraph

The Miami Herald

Seminal Image #903

Crimes of the Future
(David Cronenberg; 1970)

Ben Shahn's American Life #22

Amusement Park (1945)

They Were an Item #64

Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis

They Were Collaborators #540

Smashing Pumpkins

Before and After #165: Googie Withers



Visionary Film #11

Dracula's Daughter
(Lambert Hillyer; 1936)

Action, Now! #8

Original Caption:

Women's Equality March in New York

New York -- A demonstrator holds a sign in Times Square as the location for a statue of feminist and civil rights leader Susan B. Anthony on August 26, 1970. The day marked the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment which granted American women full suffrage. (1970)

The Cool Hall of Fame #158

Abbey Lincoln

Artists in Action #480
Politicians in Action #32

Original Caption:

New York -- Senator Kenneth Keating is present at the opening of the offices for the "Democrats for Keating Committee", Sept. 28th. Author Gore Vidal stands with the Republican Senator as they survey the committee's poster. Vidal and other Democrats are suporting Keating in his race against Robert F. Kennedy, whom they consider "anti-Liberal". The committee is composed of 100 prominent Democrats and plans to sponsor a rally and TV addresses by the Rebublican incumbent. (1964)

P is for Pulp #30

Dime Sports
(December, 1942)

Adventures in American Filmmaking #113

Today's Adventure: Howard Hawks sizes up Angie Dickinson on the set of Rio Bravo. (1959)

Collect 'Em All #58

Gloria Stuart
No. 43 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
Gloria Stuart was born on July 4th, 1910, in Santa Monica, and christened Gloria von Dietrich Stuart Finch. She developed a taste for acting when appearing in the plays produced by the Santa Monica High School, and California University. While taking part in an amateur production she was seen by the scouts of two film companies, and a contest ensued as to who should have the lovely young actress under contract. Universal won, and Gloria Stuart made her appearance in The Old Dark House. Later films include Roman Scandals, I'll Tell the World, Gift of Gab and The Love Captive.

The Art of Cinema #366

Sh! The Octopus
(William C. McGann; 1937)

Artists In Action #479

Clara Bow is a sad clown.

Cinema Indigo #12

Look-Out Sister
(Louis Jordan, Bud Pollard; 1947)

Jesters of the Empire #18


Artists in Action #478

Philip Roth sits at a lunch counter

Soul Stirrers #7

Percy Sledge