Friends and Family #46

Original Caption:

"Please Leave Me Alone!"

Milan -- Gambler Frank Costello stops his chauffeur-driven limousine on an express road near Milan, Michigan, to beg newsmen to "please leave me alone." The reporters had overtaken Costello, just released from federal prison after serving twelve months for contempt of Congress, as he sped away from the prison. He is now believed to be back at his plush apartment in Manhattan. (1953)

The Art of the Panel: DC #6

from Beware the Man in Black
(by John Broome, Manny Stallman and John Giunta)
(Big Town #43; Jan-Feb, 1957)

The Present Day Composer #71

Hanns Eisler (1898-1962)

The Art of Cinema #355

War of the Satellites
(Roger Corman; 1958)

The Heretofore Unmentioned #42

Samuel Eliot Morison

Miniseries #11:
Les grands ballons de Macy's
















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Annals of Crime #46

Original Caption:

Man Dying in Road

Manhattan Beach -- The last moment of life is recorded on the face of Arthur Glen Jones who was killed by police after a two-hour siege, March 12. Jones was shot as he attempted to climb out of a window after blowing up a motel room in Manhattan Beach, California, and telling police to "throw your guns in the window or I'll blow us all up." (1968)

Men of the West #32

Herb Jeffries

P is for Pulp #25

Gangster Stories
(April, 1931)

Before and After #155: David Lean



The Art of Cinema #354

Side Street
(Anthony Mann; 1950)

When Legends Gather #480

Norman Thomas and Gina Lollobrigida

The Eye of Eudora Welty #3

Trombone Player on Circus Wagon (1935)

Artists in Action #453

Jackie Gleason signs a contract

Welcome to Show Business! #11

Original Caption:

San Francisco -- Playwright and screenwriter Norman S. Wexler leans on a counter in the city prison, late December 14, after he was arrested and charged with interfering with an airline crew and being abusive to a stewardess. the FBI said Wexler created a disturbance aboard an American Airlines flight from New York to San Francisco. When he was told to stop, he insulted the stewardess. "I admit having a fine time aboard," Wexler told a newsman in a jail interview. (1972)

They Were Collaborators #524

The Modern Folk Quartet

Sex Education #115

Senta Berger

The Art of Jazz #78

In a Minor Groove
(Dorothy Ashby and Frank Wess)
(New Jazz Records; 1958)

Artists in Action #452

Billy Wilder blows smoke

The Heretofore Unmentioned #41

Robert Mugabe

Aftermath: U.S.A. #4

Original Caption:

Levittown -- With warm weather just around the corner, Levittown children "supervise" the complettion of one of the two giant swimming pools that are now being built. Sixteen bowling alleys and two athletic fields are also available for sports and recreation-minded residents. (1949)

Annals of Crime #45

Original Caption:

Mineola -- Everett C. Applegate, 35-year-old resident of Mineola (without hat or coat) is shown with a detective at police headquarters as he was docked on a charge of second degree rape (a statutory charge), accused of having attacked the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Creighton, at whose home he boarded. Applegate's wife died ten days ago. An autopsy showed traces of arsenic poisoning. In 1923 Mr.and Mrs. Creighton were indicted on two arsenic poisoning charges in the death of her brother and mother-in-law, but they were acquitted. (1935)

Adventures in American Filmmaking #111

Today's Adventure: On the set of Anatomy of a Murder, Otto Preminger subjects Eve Arden to some very cross examination (1958)

The City: Philadelphia #4

Original Caption:

When North Meets South -- On the Edge of a Roof!

Philadelphia -- Miss Helen Knott, New York Society girl, and Mr. Chester Towne, member of a prominent southern family of Jacksonville, Florida, execute their spectacular "cocktail" dance on the edge of the roof of the Bellevue Stratford Hotel, where they are featured dance artists. In addition to the 'cocktail' dance, the young couple originated the 'Danzon,' a dance done to the Cuban Rhumba rhythm. (1932)

Seminal Image #883

The Offence
(Sidney Lumet; 1972)