The Art of Post-War American Chic #9

Harper's Bazaar (December, 1953)

Weekend #25

Bergman kvinnan #4

Ulla Jacobsson

The City: Milan #6
Divorce Court Confidential! #4

Original Caption:

Callas Confirms Marriage Breakup.

Milan -- Opera star Maria Callas walks with Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis shortly after his arrival by private plane at Bresso airport near here. The couple had dinner at a local night club. On Septmeber 9th the temperamental diva confirmed that her 10-year marriage to Italian millionaire Battista Meneghini is on the rocks. She said there would be a legal separation. She said her desire for a movie career caused the breakup and not her alleged romance with Onassis. (1959)

Ben Shahn's American Life #36

Andrew Goodman (1965)

Life During Wartime #10

Original Caption:

New York -- The movie star Douglas Fairbanks speaks to a huge crowd gathered in front of the Sub-Treasury building, in support of a third Liberty Loan to help finance the war effort (1918)

Seminal Images #1126

Lucky Star
(Frank Borzage; 1929)

Artists in Action #876

Richard Basehart reads

A is for Arbus #75

Man and a Boy on a Bench in Central Park, NYC (1962)

They Were Collaborators #883

Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett

Illusion Travels By Streetcar #90:
The Unedited Commentary Track:
Anatomy of a Murder (Otto Preminger; 1959)

The cast for episode #90:

Stuart Collier
Jeremiah McNeil
Dan Patterson
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on January 31, 2016