Norman Rockwell Saved from Drowning #55

The Watchmaker of Switzerland (1948)

When Legends Gather #875

Jerome 'Curly' Howard and Louis Jordan

Annals of Crime #139
An Illustrated History of Race Relations in America #26

Original Caption:

Hails "steps toward justice"...

New York -- Civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King holds up photos of the three young civil rights workers murdered in Mississippi last summer during a press conference following the announcement that 20 men had been arrested in connection with the slayings in Mississippi. He called the arrests "first steps toward justice" and declared that the FBI action "renews" his faith in democracy. Dr. King was in New York on his way to Oslo, Norway, to collect his recently-awarded Nobel Peace Prize. The photos show (left to right) Michael Schwerner; James Chaney; and Andrew Goodman. (1965)

Morris Engel & Ruth Orkin #3

Red Hot (Ruth Orkin; 1950)

The Art of Cinema #590

(Howard Hawks; 1962)

Illusion Travels By Streetcar #103:
The Unedited Commentary Track:
Masculin féminin (Jean-Luc Godard; 1966)

The cast for episode #103:

Stuart Collier
Jeremiah McNeil
Brian Risselada
Tom Sutpen

This episode was recorded on May 15, 2016